What to do next.

So it has been a couple of months since I finished the Goofy, and whilst I am not physically over some of the injuries quite yet, it is time to start thinking about what it next.

I still have plantar facittis in both feet, but that is being taken care of thanks to trips to the podiatrist and the treatment plan he has me on, so that is not a major concern.

I competed in the Cayman Duathlon at the weekend, on the back of only a couple of weeks of serious training. I had to run 2 legs of 2 miles whilst my next door neighbour did 12 miles on his bike in between. It was a very interesting experience as I have never competed in a race that was that short. I am built for distance not for speed. Fortunately my neighbour just happens to be the fastest cyclist on the island, so when I tagged him after the first 2 miles he was about 20th, but 29 minutes later I was setting off again in 4th! I eventually finished 7th as I was definitely out of position and there were much faster runners coming past.

I was pretty impressed with my times, they averaged out to 7min/mile exactly. Which is the fastest I have ever run out in the real world and not on a treadmill. Even more impressive was the lack of sleep from the previous 2 nights due to Max being ill giving me “jelly legs” from the off!

With that done I am taking a short break from training, mainly due to vacation, but also hopefully to let my feet heal up a bit better. The next race on the calendar that I am paid up for is the Disney Half-Marathon on 1st October for the Beer and Wine Festival. This one is a bit different than all the other races I have done as it starts after the parks close at 10pm.

The training plan for that requires, spring/base training to start mid-April with the 12 week plan beginning in July.

The goal is to set a PB in that as it will be only the second official half-marathon I have done so it shouldn’t be hard to get under the 1:52 I did at the Goofy. I actually want to get under 1:45, possibly even the 1:40’s. I don’t think that is unreasonable as I was 1:48 for the second half of the marathon at the Goofy, so a one off half with specific speed work for it should get me close to that goal.

After that I am not sure.

There has been talk by other family members of going back to the Goofy in January. I am not 100% sure I want to do that, but if people are coming across from the UK for it, and we are only an hour or so away on a plane it would be rude not to go. If I go then I can’t just go and watch so I would have to run. If nobody else is going then I doubt I will be there as it would be a lot of money for something I am not that bothered about.

There is one reason to go though. Which is that there is an Ultra-marathon in Cayman at the end of February. 50KM, about 10KM of that is on the beach and other parts are on tracks, plus it starts at 6AM, so assuming you will be out about 5hrs you are going to be finishing in the real heat of the day. I had half thought about doing it this year, but really wanted a relax after the stress of the Goofy and I was worried about trying to get a plan together in such a short period. Next year, though, is a different beast. If I were to enter then I would be planning for it from the start and the Goofy would be reasonable training. But again it is a lot of money for what effectively becomes a training run for something else. Having said that it could actually be more fun to be done as a non-serious event and I were to stop and take photos and relax a bit. If I am not so 100% focused on my time/pace the whole experience would be a lot different!

Before all that though there is the Cayman Marathon at the start of December. After the disaster of 2007, leaving me with the injuries I still have today, and very uninspiring time of 4:45, I feel it owes me. Or rather I owe it to myself to do the race properly. It could compromise the half-marathon in October as full training would start only 3 weeks after I start the half training. But, it could work out for the best, as if I include more speedwork from the half training in the full program then I could do an impressive time.

It would be strange to train here for a race here, as I would pretty much know what I was going to do. The last couple of years I have trained in the heat here and then gone somewhere cooler and run faster. There would be none of that here. Which would actually make it a real achievement to stick in a PB.

So the potential plan could be; Disney half in October, followed by Cayman full in December, then Goofy in Jan followed by the Ultra in Cayman at the end of Feb. It would be a mammoth undertaking, and it is a far cry from what I had planned to do, which was only half-marathons for the next couple of years. The big difference in training would be going out and doing my long runs during the day at weekends, not 3-4AM, but 7-8AM and the long midweek runs would be replaced with more tempo runs and speedwork that I could fit in of a lunchtime. I have checked out the more advanced training plans from Hal Higdon’s website and they do have more speedwork and less longer runs during the weeks than the intermediate plan I did last year. This would mean only one evening workout a week, the rest could be done in a slightly extended lunch break.

It is still up in the air, as there is even the chance we could be heading back to the UK in either April or May next year which means both Brighton and Edinburgh marathons are possibilities.

I said I wanted to do less, not more. I am not sure what is going on!