Training: Back in the habit

So this week was the first week of Spring Training. I know it is pretty much the end of spring, but my racing season is a bit different to most people in that I only race in the cooler winter months, thus my spring training is normally during the summer!

The week started off easy enough with a gentle 3M jog, followed by weights and stretching.

Tuesday was the first of the speed workouts, hill sprints. 5 x 0.25M runs up a hill. Cayman being flat meant that this needed to be done on a treadmill. The first sprint I tried to do was up a 4% incline at 9.5MPH, whilst I managed it, it was pretty obvious I wasn’t going to be able to do another 4 of them! So the remainder were 4% at 9MPH. By the end I was really struggling, and had to pretty much walk between the sprints instead of jog. Having gone away and calculated paces for workouts, I should be trying to do 400M repeats at around 9.25MPH, so once you add in the 4% hill, anything around 9MPH would be very good. There are 6 to do next week so we will see how that works out.

Wednesday was a repeat of Monday with a 3M recovery run, strength and stretching.

Thursday was a tempo run, which turned out to be a little bit of an issue as my Garmin locked up before I left, and I didn’t know how to reset it. So I broke out RunKeeper for my phone and tried to use that, which was pretty much useless. The average pace was OK, but the current pace it was telling me was all over the place; one second I was going 7:30min/mile, the next it was >9min/mile. So very difficult to work out if you were running at the right pace, and increasing it correctly. I ended up just judging it by myself, which I have never felt I was very good at, as I didn’t think i could ever really tell what speed I was going. It worked out well though, as when I came back and looked at the splits for the different miles they were what I had wanted to try and run!

Friday, as per Monday and Wednesday, 3M recovery run, strength and stretching.

Saturday was a Fartlek run, in the rain, and was pretty enjoyable, just randomly picking points in the distance and increasing my pace to get to them.

Sunday was a “sorta-long” run. 6M to start with, at a nice relaxed. It has been a while since I went anywhere longer than 4M, so it was nice to know I could, although I was pretty stiff as it had been a hard first week back in proper training, well for me it was pretty hard! Once I had warmed up though it was nice.

Overall, not a bad first week, some hard workouts, but some nice recovery ones too. Having only ever completed beginner or intermediate plans before I had always wondered why you should run so slowly on certain runs. Even after one week I can see exactly why you need to do that! Without those runs I wouldn’t have even made it through this first week!