Training: Spring Training Continues

2 weeks in to the training, and although it hasn’t become boring yet, I am sure it will do shortly.

Monday and Friday were 3M easy runs, nothing really to report.

Tuesday was hill sprints, for which my watch packed up so there is no record for it. They are getting harder and harder, and not sure how much more I can take!

Wednesday was 4M easy, although I am not sure any run in 100+ degree heat can be classed as easy. Splits were pretty close together.

Thursday was a 40min Fartlek, these are actually quite enjoyable, despite them being at lunchtimes in the heat. You can make them as hard or as easy as you want to.

Saturday was a 30min tempo run, I must be getting fitter as I managed the fastest part quite easily!

Sunday was a 7M “sorta-long” run. After Saturday and due to a fairly strong wind at my back, I set off far too fast, and came back much slower, so although overall I averaged the pace I needed to, even slightly under, at the end of the day my splits were not very consistent. I will learn from this as next week the runs get that bit further!

Overall a pretty good week. No major issues, hill sprints are killing me, and I need to look at them, I think I am trying to go too fast, if I were actually running up a hill then I would naturally slow down towards the top, on a treadmill that doesn’t happen. I am sure it must be doing me some good, I just am not sure the pain and being sick is worth it! I skipped pretty much all the strength, core and stretching workouts as being a 3 day working week, I didn’t really feel in the mood. I will try much harder next week!