Training: Getting Old…

The training that is! Although to be fair my legs feel like they are off an old man at the moment too!

The 3rd week of Spring Training was not my best, the main problem being the hill training on Tuesday. With the┬ádearth of what you would call a hill on Cayman, let alone one that lasts 400m, I had been doing the hill sprints on a treadmill. Which is very hard, out in the real world you would naturally slow down as you reach the top due to the effort you are putting in, that doesn’t happen on a treadmill, it just keeps you going. Not to mention the treadmill in question is in the pool room that has no AC during the day so it is probably about 100 degrees in there when I start. So this week I managed one sprint and then canned it and went outside for a run. I managed about 4 miles, but I didn’t take my watch or anything with me, so I am not sure of the time or pace. I felt I was running faster than normal and I was out of breath by the time I got back, so I am assuming I had a pretty hard workout.

The rest of the week was the same kind of thing as the previous too, just slightly longer in places.

Monday and Friday: 3M easy.

No data from Tuesday run

Wednesday: 5M easy.

Thursday: 45 min Tempo

Saturday: 30 min Fartlek

Sunday: 8M long

The longer run on the Sunday I decided to do on a different course than I normally do. I went up Seven Mile Beach instead of down South Sound Road. It made a difference as I wasn’t sure of exactly where all the quarter, half and mile points were like I do on the usual route, which was refreshing. It also meant I was into the breeze for the first 4 miles, and then after the turn it made it easier to do a negative split coming back, which is always nice.

So 21 days straight training, and another week lined up. Even more sprints, midweek run goes to 6M and the long run on Sunday out to 9M. Add in the possibility of steroid injections in my feet and it will be a busy week for my legs!