Training: Sore Feet

Week 4 of Spring Training ended with me skipping the last 3 days of training due to my feet being too sore. I will post about the long running (pardon the pun) reasons behind this, but long story short; I had some steroid injections on Thursday night and had a bit of a reaction over the next 36-48 hours, and whilst I was feeling better by Sunday the plan said for 9M so I went for a 2M walk instead.

The training I did do was as follows:

Monday: Easy 3M

Tuesday: 8 x 400M Hill Sprints

Wednesday: 6M

Thursday: 45min Fartlek

The main difference this week (apart from the 3 days off) was the hill sprints were done on a slight rise on South Sound ┬ároad, it isn’t really enough to be called a hill, but I made up for it by going up them faster than the pace I had calculated I should, so hopefully it all works out in the end!

The 6M on Wednesday was hard thanks to it being done at lunchtime, but it was the longest run I have to do during the week, from now on it is 3M every Wednesday. It also meant I got chance to work on my tan, which is looking great, right up to the point where you realise it is only my arms, neck and 3/4 of my legs that are tanned, everything else is white!

With my feet feeling better I am hoping for a full log of training next week.