Training: 5KM Time Trial

After the few days off with sore feet I was back in full training with my feet feeling a bit tight, but hardly any pain!

It was a slightly different week to the last few, as the plan called for a 5KM race on the Sunday, but as there were no races on this weekend in Cayman it just became a 5KM Time Trial on my own. The longer run on a Wednesday was cut back and the Thursday speed session was also shorter than previous weeks.

The workouts for the week were:

Monday, WednesdayFriday and Saturday: 3M at an easy pace.

Tuesday: 9 x 400m Hill Sprints

Thursday: 30min Tempo run.

Sunday: 5KM Time Trial

The time trial on Sunday was hard work, but I ran a PB. That wasn’t all that hard though, as my previous best had just been set in training at around 25mins without even trying. I have only ever run two 5KM races in my life, and I was incredibly unfit in both of them, one of which I didn’t manage to get under 30mins for.

I warmed up for the run with a 1 mile jog that included a few accelerations to race pace and then followed it up with some stretching before I set out to see what I could do. It was really hard work, as being out on your own there is only you and nobody else you can chase or follow as there would be in a race. I was endlessly checking my pace on the watch to see where I was at. I was trying to get as close to 21min as possible as one day I would like to get under that. I think I could get close in a cooler climate and in a proper race. The main thing I was trying out though was getting my heart-rate to be around 162 as that is the new value that I have come up with for what should be my threshold, so I wanted to get myself as close to that as possible and keep it there.

All in all, not too bad, as I have never been the fastest runner, and I felt pretty fast. The training must be working as in March I did the Duathlon (2x2M) and I was faster on Sunday than I was then, and felt a lot better doing it.

Next week I have a longer run (10M) on Sunday and the sprints are one longer and the speed sessions are back to the usual distance.