Training: A bad week at the office

Week 6 of Spring Training was a bit of a disaster and has spurred a complete change in my training plan for the rest of the year (I will blog about that later).

Runs for this week were:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 3M

Tuesday: 10 x Hill Sprints

Thursday: 45min Fartlek

Sunday: 10M

I was also meant to do 30min Tempo on Saturday but I was so shattered from the rest of the weeks activities that I cut it out. It didn’t make much difference as I still struggled with the 10M run, only making it 6.5M before needing a walk break and then another couple before the finish.

I should have seen the signs on Tuesday when I struggled to make it to the end of the 10 hill sprints. I managed the sprints, but the recovery jogs turned into walks about half way and each run back to the start became more of a walk. I then needed a bit of a walk in the 1M cool down too.

Thursday was the real problem though, 45 min Fartlek. The first half was not too bad, but then I turned to come back and just suddenly had no energy to carry on, so basically walked most of the way back. I jogged now and again, but there were certainly no accelerations happening! I guess it was easy to see one of the reasons, there was not a cloud in the sky and was one of the hottest days of the year, so being out in 90+ degreen heat with no shade, I was always going to have problems.

I recovered for the 3M on Friday and it wasn’t too bad, but come Saturday morning I was exhausted and instead of going out I went back to bed for an extra couple of hours sleep. Sunday started OK, but I was running very slowly, not out of choice, it was just the pace my legs were going at. I was consistent for the first 6 miles and then I just ran out of energy again. So I walk/ran back with a very slow time and an awful lot of questions about the state of my training, and more importantly the state of me!

I reached some conclusions and things are going to change!