Training: Change is as good as a rest.

First week of the new training plan is out of the way. It was nice to do something different, the workouts were just as hard, maybe even harder as most were longer, than the previous plan I was on, but the 3 days off were even better!

Monday, Wednesday & Sunday: Rest Days

Tuesday: 5M

Thursday: 6M with 4 @ 7:33ish

Friday: 5M

Saturday: 10M

All the runs were fine, I surprised myself with the tempo run on Thursday as I had doubts I could do 4 miles at 7:33. As I made it I am slightly more confident going forward that I can match most of the workouts on the plan.

The only run that wasn’t great was the 10M on Saturday. I was meant to average just under 9min/mile but was about 25 seconds/mile outside that. I was slightly apprehensive about the run to start with having suffered the weekend before. This week though I took my Camelbak with me, I still ran out of liquid, but I had more than last week. I also ran with my watch attached to the backpack so I couldn’t see the time. I just wanted to make it to the end and not blow up trying to maintain a pace that I couldn’t possibly manage. I was also tired from 3 consecutive days running, but that is explained below.

Normally I wouldn’t run 3 days on the bounce as I did this week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), but there were reasons. Going forward I will be shifting the long run from Sunday to Saturday as it fits in better with the family plans for a weekend better at the moment. To¬†accommodate¬†this the Tuesday run will move to Monday, the speedwork from Thursday will move to Tuesday (can’t possibly make it Wednesday and mess up Sunset House night!), so Friday’s run will move to Thursday. I still have 3 days off, and a day off before Saturday’s run. We will see how it goes next week.

Overall though, happy with the start to the plan, let’s see if it can lead to a PB in December.