Playing with the plan

So there hasn’t been an update for a while. We had an important visitor to stay for a couple of weeks (my mum) and then I was playing with the plans on Smartcoach to try and get something that was going to work a bit better.

I realised after a couple of weeks of my wonderful new plan for the Marathon in December that there was no way I was going to complete the plan in its then current form. I was going to be running 20M sometime in July and then be running 20M every other week until the race. If I thought I was having problems with over-training on the previous plan, then the new plan was going to be a lot worse.

So for the last couple of weeks I have been playing about with various settings and options to see what is going to work best. I have also been experimenting with when to do my long run. Traditionally this would have been Sunday, but I moved it to Saturday earlier this year, and then a month or so ago I started doing runs on Friday nights. This was all an effort to try and give me more time at the weekend with the family, and not have to spend the whole weekend either out running or in bed recovering from running. Even the Friday night run wasn’t working out the best, as it was still leaving me tired on Saturday which was a problem as then I would be grumpy all day.

The new plan is to try Thursday night for long runs, this will give me Friday to recover at work and hopefully be feeling a lot more alive come the weekend to play with the family.

I am not going to list all of the runs I have done over the last month here, they are all available on the Runkeeper site.

To come up with the plan I am currently working towards I went out for a 5KM time trial¬†at the weekend to check the state of my fitness. I improved my PB by over 25 seconds, so that isn’t too bad. The new plan then is a half-marathon one, that takes the next 14 weeks to get me in shape for the Wine & Dine half at Disney in October. There is running 4-5 times a week and the long runs are all 12-14M, so really all I am working on is getting my pace up.

The plan states I should be able to achieve a finish time of 1:33:42 at an average of 7:09. Having just done the 5KM where I was busting a gut to average 6:52, I think averaging 7:09 for 13.1M is “pie in the sky”! My goals really for the half are; at a minimum get under 1:45 as that is an average of 8:00, getting under 1:40 would be next on the list, and anything under 1:37:30 would be a real achievement. However, if the plan is correct and I can pull a time of 1:33, then that is based on what I can achieve in the heat here, as that is where I did the 5KM that the times are all based on. If that is true then in theory, at least, if it is 15-20 degrees cooler in Orlando come race day I could go even faster. But as I said, I don’t honestly believe I can get anywhere near 1:33, either here, or in Orlando!

I will be sticking to this plan solidly for the rest of this month and the start of August. Normally I would be planning 18 weeks out for the Marathon (which is the end of July), but as I will be in pretty decent shape anyway I can join the Marathon plan a bit later. Normally the first week of Marathon training is 10M, and as I will be up to 14M and could easily go a bit further than that, I can skip the first few weeks of that plan and join in when the runs get to 16M+

So that is the plan for now, but pay attention as it is probably all going to change again!