Training:The real work begins

After all of the planning, tweaking and changing of plans it is now time to actually get on the plan that will take me through the Wine & Dine Half marathon at the start of October and onto the Cayman Marathon at the beginning of December (we’ll worry about the Goofy and the Ultra after that!)

The last two weeks have been spent on the “final” plan, and everything has gone according to plan (pardon the pun) except for last night, which I will get to in a bit.

The workouts for the last couple of weeks are as follows:

3 X Mile repeats @ 6:56 (Treadmill)

4M @ 8:47 (Treadmill)


3M @ 8:33

6M (4M @ 7:22) (Treadmill)

3M @ 8:45 (Treadmill)


Quite a lot of the workouts are now being done on the treadmill as it is just too hot to run at lunch. The speed sessions are all on the treadmill and I have been using this chart to workout how to get the right pace on the treadmill to replicate running outside. It is working fine at the moment, and although it is still 84 degrees and upwards in the gym, there is a big fan and I am not in the sun, so it is still better than running outside!

The first long run was fine at 12M, and I went a bit faster than planned. Last nights 13.1M though wasn’t so hot. I went out far too fast, as I decided I wanted to run at an average of less then 8:30Min/Mile, the plan called for 8:45, but I thought (wrongly) that I needed to prove my fitness. The first 4 miles were OK, the next 2 were a tad slower, and then the wheels really came off and I was hitting close to 9:00 for the rest of the way home for a final average of 8:43, so still faster than the plan, but I felt horrendous doing it. My legs were tired, my heart rate was up and I just had no energy for the last few miles. It was just like hitting the wall. I did finish, however, which is a start, and the average is still faster than I was doing a year ago, so I am still on pace for doing PB’s later in the year, just maybe not as fast as I was hoping!