Training: This week in Running

After the dissapointment of the last couple of weeks it was time to break out my old friend Google and do some investigations into the effects of running in the heat. The results appear to have been effective as this week was a much better one!

This weeks workouts:

Saturday: 3M @8:45 (Treadmill)

Monday: 3 x 1M Repeats @ 6:50, 0.5M recovery + 1M warmup/cooldown (Treadmill)

Wednesday: 4M @ 8:30

Thursday: 13.1M @ 8:31

Once again I skipped the Sunday workout in preparation for the Marathon training that starts at the end of next week.

The 1M repeats on Monday were very hard, the last one took my heart-rate to nearly 175 for the last half a mile or so which was tought, but I felt great when I had finished.

Just for a change I went outside for the Tuesday run, normally I would try and fit it in at lunchtime, but went out in the evening, and ran faster than I was meant to (8:30 instead of 8:41), but I felt good doing it and my heart-rate wasn’t through the roof.

Now Thursday was the 3rd 1/2 Marathon in a row, and with the previous two having not been great it was time to change the routine a bit to see if it made any difference. The weather was almost identical to the previous 2 weeks, the odd shower, a bit of wind and a heat index pushing 100. The changes I made were to have a Cliff bar about an hour before the start, and then a Coke Slurppie about half an hour out. The Cliff bar was to give me more energy and the Slurppie was to give me a caffeine boost and also cool my insides with all of the ice so I was starting at a slightly cooler temperature. The only other change was to put my Camelbak in the fridge at lunchtime so that it was nicely chilled by the time I needed it.

The run was almost a carbon copy of the previous weeks up to the half-way point. I started at the pace I was meant to (8:41) and then slowly got slower and slower until I was hitting nearly 9min/miles at halfway. This week though I wasn’t getting depressed. I felt good, my heart-rate was generally lower than 150 and I felt like I was running within myself. A quick toilet break at halfway and it was time to speed up, take advantage of the wind at my back and see how close I could get to the time I was meant to do.

I impressed myself with how fast I was able to cover the second 6.5M. My average dropped from 8:48 at the turn to 8:31 at the finish. I averaged about 8:15 for the second half, so over 30 seconds a mile quicker. My heart-rate increased, but it was only the last couple of miles that it actually went into the ‘Race’ zone. If I hadn’t of had a stomach cramp with a mile or so to go I could possibly have managed to get the average uner 8:30 which I wanted to do on one of these 3 half marathon attempts.

I just felt more relaxed, despite the temperature being the same as the last 2 weeks I felt cooler, this could have been the Slurrpie, or the cold liquid in the Camelbak instead of the room temp (80 degree) stuff I was normally drinking!

So all in all, I am chuffed and happy with my running. My goals seem slightly easier to achieve than they did a week or so ago!

Next week is the first step-back week I have had in a month, so it will be nice to just have some easy 5M runs to do, and then Marathon training starts in earnest the following week!