Back To The Future

It’s been a few weeks since the last post, and things haven’t exactly gone well. The weekday runs haven’t been too bad, but the long runs have all been a nightmare.The only one I have completed was a 16M a couple of weeks ago, and I averaged about 9:30 min/miles so well off the pace. I was meant to do 18M last week, but stopped at 14, not really because I felt tired or was struggling, I was just bored and couldn’t be bothered. Last night was supposed to be 20M but was less than 6M as I had bad stomach cramps.

All in all not very enjoyable.

I have come to the conclusion that this new training plan with Smartcoach is just not working for me. I might only be running 4 times a week, but you have to run longer in those 4 runs than if you had 5-6 to do. I am even more out of love with running than I was when I switched to this plan a couple of months ago!

So what to do?

The “new plan” is to go back to the Hal Higdon plans and basically do the same plan I did last year, but to do some of the speedwork that I have been doing that I have actually enjoyed. Whilst it does mean running 6 times a week and doing long back-to-back runs at the weekend, I can do most of the weekday runs at lunchtime, and they are never longer than 5 miles for recovery runs. So hopefully spreading the volume out will work.

I tried something new and found it wasn’t for me, so I am going back to what I know works.

I am hoping this is going to get me out of my funk, along with the slightly cooler weather that is starting to come in now. If it doesn’t then there is a real possibility of not running either of the marathons later this year, as I really don’t have the motivation for it!