Training: More Problems….

As I said in last weeks post, although the week had gone fine up until Friday, I still had the two weekend longer runs to do; and…..they didn’t go very well.

Saturday was meant to be 8Mat race pace, so I tried 8min/miles just to see what kind of shape I was in, but after 4 I realised I wasn’t in the type of shape I thought I was. I made it to 6.5Mand then needed a bit of a walk. I was slowing, and although my average was still close to 8minI was not feeling great. Although as it turns out that could just have been the start of the problems I then had the rest of the weekend.

Sunday morning was meant to be 16M, but I hadn’t been feeling great on Saturday afternoon with a bit of heart-burn. Come Sunday at 4AM when the alarm went off I got up, but felt very bloated and not at all well. I decided, in hindsight wrongly, to still go out and see what I could do. With so many disasters recently on the long runs I am getting very concerned that I just don’t have the fitness to go any further than about 10-12Mat the moment.

I made it 2.5M before the sweat was literally streaming off me and I had to walk. The temperatures weren’t too hot, in fact slightly cooler than previous weeks, and I was going pretty slowly with my heart rate around 140. I made it to 4.5Mwalk/running and then just gave up really. I was aware there was no way of making it round another 12Min the state I was. The problem I now had was being 3.5Mfrom home and it only being 5:30AM so no chance of a lift. Therefore I ended up walking all the way home feeling very depressed.

The only silver-lining to all of this was that I was actually really rather ill for the rest of Sunday and into Monday needing a day off of work. I couldn’t eat, my stomach was upset and I had a thumping headache and shivers. I can only think that I picked up some 24-48 hour bug that worked its way through my system. Even this week my appetite has not come back 100%. I say it is a silver-lining as it means there is a reason why I couldn’t make it round. This means that I still have some confidence that maybe I can do the 8M and 17Mthis week.

The remainder of the week has been pretty easy. I took Monday off due to still feeling rubbish. Tuesday was a 40min tempo run with 2 bursts of speed at the end instead of one which was an interesting change. Wednesday was 4M recovery at lunchtime and then last night was 3M at race pace (8min/mile) which was not easy, but not hard, a nice run actually.

So this weekend is the next long run, next weekend will be the Disney Half Marathon. I am then back and into the “meat and potatoes” of the training with weeks of 9&19M and 10&20Mlong runs. Realistically this weekend is my last chance to get back on track, as it has been so long since I completed anything of this kind of distance (it’s 5-6 weeks since I did 14&16M runs). If I don’t manage 17Mon Sunday I am going to have to rethink 19&20Min the coming weeks as I don’t think I am going to be able to make those distances off the back of my training to this point.

However, one good run and this whole ship is back on course!