Training: A Big Weekend for other reasons

Training didn’t quite go according to plan this week. The weekday runs were OK:

Monday: 4M Recovery

Tuesday: 4M Just slower than race pace

Wednesday: 45min Tempo Run

Thursday: 4M At race pace

Saturday was 11M at slightly faster than recovery so I averaged around 8:50. Some people might call the weather we have had over the weekend bad, it has been wet and windy. However, the wind meant the humidity was down so it was much cooler. So even though I was going quicker than recovery pace my average heart-rate was only 142bpm, so well down which was good.

Sunday wasn’t so good though. Everything started OK, but after 6 miles I really needed the loo, unfortunately all public toilets in George Town are locked at night, and as this was about 5AM I couldn’t find anywhere to go. By 7M I was in real problems, and basically ended up walking, very gingerly, home the last mile. By the time I was sorted out, and after the slow walk home I really wasn’t in the mood to go out again so called the run and went back to bed!

The reason for this probably relates to going out on Saturday night. With it being Sarah’s 40th this week there have been a few festivities, we have people staying with us, and my fuelling has not been perfect. I thought I was being as careful as I could be, although we went to a steakhouse I had linguine in a tomato sauce with my steak. The crème brulee might not have been the best idea, but I had had it the night before the marathon at the Goofy in January! I can only conclude the rich food caused the issue.

I was actually expecting to have problems, and the route I had planned was going to take me past the only loos I knew would be open a couple of times in the first 8 miles so I could sort myself out if I needed to. The only problem was once I set off I forgot and decided to do a different route as I wasn’t fancying laps.

So basically it was all my own fault.

In months and weeks gone past I would normally be panicking about now and thinking about a new training plan etc., etc.. But I am pretty relaxed. At basically the same point in last years training I was hit with the flu and couldn’t run for a week, followed by a bladder infection, and I still managed to get all the big runs in.

It does mean instead of this weekend being shorter runs it will be the 11M and 21M that were meant for last week. It also means I have 2 back-to-back weekends of 30M+, but, again, I did it last year without a problem so I am not expecting it to be too hard. If I need to I will cut back during the week next week if I am feeling tired.

Also, in the grand scheme of things, I am not really planning to race the Cayman Marathon, it is just a ‘B’ race for me. I know it will be hot once the sun comes up, so the first 15-20M will be at race pace, then I will back off and saunter home in whatever time it takes, hopefully under 4hrs.

With this in mind it isn’t a big deal if the big runs aren’t great right now. I know I can get round the course, I just need to make sure I don’t do anything that will compromise me for January which is the more important goal at the moment.

Having said all that I still think it is probably best if there is no more partying until the Cayman Marathon is out of the way!