Training: Hitting the wall early

This past week was the longest of the plan so far; 51M in total which broke down as:

Monday: 4M Recovery

Tuesday: 7 x 800m at 5K Pace

Wednesday: 5M Recovery

Thursday: 45min Tempo run

Saturday: 11M @ 8:48

Sunday: 20M Long Run

Everything was fine on all the runs, almost enjoyable until mile 12 of the long run. I had decided that it would be OK to try and run the 20M at 9min/mile pace, by 12M though my legs were shot and I had no energy. Basically I hit the wall. I had lots of walk breaks to get me round to the end, and I was feeling pretty terrible when I finished. Although I didn’t have my heart-rate monitor with me I could tell my heart-rate wasn’t an issue, I wasn’t out of breath, just out of energy.

Anyway, I struggled to the finish, and I was actually surprised to see that despite the problems the average pace for the run (9:26)  was over 10 seconds a mile quicker than the same workout last year, which was also completed 5 weeks later in the year so would have been slightly cooler than it was on Sunday. To be fair though the conditions were very cool this past weekend with the Tropical Storm that was passing by.

I am now on to an even bigger week this week, culminating with another 10M+ and 20M+ weekend, which isn’t going to be helped by the head cold I have picked up!