Training: I’m glad that’s over!

This weeks workouts:

Monday: 4M Recovery

Turesday: 7 x Hill Sprints

Wednesday: 5M Recovery

Thursday: 50 Min Tempo

Saturday: 12M; 11M @ approx Race Pace

Sunday: 22M Long Run

With the completion of Sundays long run I set a new personal record for the most miles in a week (57.2M) and also brought to an end 9 days that totalled over 88M. With the problems I had in the first of the long runs this was the second consecutive week of 20M at the weekends, and the hardest part of the entire plan. Aside from the last 20M+ weekend it is all downhill from here to the Cayman Marathon now!

The whole week was pretty good, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say enjoyable. The unsettled weather we had last week meant that temperatures were down a bit so none of the runs felt like a real chore.

The race pace and long run at the weekend were good too. I was able to keep a reasonable pace of 8:20 min/miles (temperature adjusted) for the whole distance, and then on Sunday I set off slower to avoid the problems of last week and found that I was able to increase the pace from about half-way. I didn’t go as fast as I did for the equivalent workout last year, I was about 15 seconds a mile off, however, I was 30 seconds a mile faster on the Saturday for 1M more than I did last year, plus it is 5 weeks earlier in the year, so a little bit hotter. To be honest, I wasn’t really trying to run fast on the Sunday, with bonking the weekend before it was more important to finish feeling OK than trying to impress myself. I will be trying harder on the last 20M+ run and be using the Heart-Rate Monitor to see how I am doing and how hard I can push myself.

I am looking forward to the step-back week this week, as with the Wine & Dine Half, followed by a 20M weekend, an aborted 20M weekend and then back-to-back 20M+ weekends I haven’t had much of a rest in the last month. Having said that, my recovery run for today is a mile further than it has been for the plan so far! How fair is that?!