Training: Record Breakers!

Personal Best SignI’ve just been totalling up the runs for the last month and I have set a few records, well according to RunKeeper anyway.

The total number of miles for the month was 209, which is nearly the life of a pair of trainers!

I didn’t always have my heart rate monitor on, but give or take I average around 150 calories a mile when I do use it, which gives about 31000 calories burnt!

RunKeeper has the week running from Sunday to Saturday and gives me a biggest week of 55M, I normally consider a new week starting on a Monday which would actually give me a longest week of 57M, both would be records though!

I spent over 31 hours out on the road, and all of this was completed with me taking a couple of rest days off after the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, which possibly cost me 10M in total.

With the hardest part of training done for the next race, and with only one really long run planned in the 5 weeks between Cayman and Disney Marathons it looks like October will be the hardest month of the year. If I actually keep to my promise of not doing this all again then it will probably end up being the biggest month I ever had!

That is a big IF though.