Training: The reality distortion field

Workouts this week:

Monday: 5M Recovery

Tuesday: 45 Min Tempo

Wednesday: 5M Recovery

Thursday: 4M Race Pace

Friday: 6M Slow

Saturday: 12M Long Run

This week was a step-back week and shows nicely the reality distortion effect that occurs when you get to the pointy end of training for a marathon. Despite being 20M less than I ran the week before and all the runs being short enough to be completed at lunchtime, I still totaled 37M for the week!

The hard weeks are so long at the moment that running 18M over the weekend runs is considered short! I moved the weekend runs to Friday and Saturday nights so I go a lie in on both Saturday and Sunday which was pleasant to know it is possible to stay in bed until the sun comes up!

No problems to report except for my foot getting sore again. I’ll see how it goes this week and if I need to I will head back to the podiatrist for some painkilling injections before the race.

This upcoming week is set to be the hardest of the training, and should be 1M longer than the previous hardest week. The good news is, once it is done it is all downhill to the race.

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