Training: Dopey Simulation

This weeks workouts:

Monday: 5M Recovery

Tuesday: 8x800m @ 5K pace

Thursday: 40min Tempo 

Friday: 5M Recovery

Saturday: 13.1M @ Race Pace

Sunday: 20M Long Run

After the relative ease of last weeks schedule, it was back into the second hardest week of the program. In some ways it actually ended up being the hardest which wasn’t what I planned originally.

Due to work commitments on Wednesday I didn’t make it out for my normal 5M recovery run, so I decided to shift it to Friday. I know it wasn’t the wisest decision, I am one of those people that believes he needs to do 100% of all of his training sessions or else I won’t be as good as I could be!

Anyway, by moving the session to Friday it gave me the perfect opportunity to see what it was like to do the same type of runs as I will be doing in January at Disney. It could actually be seen as being harder than what I will be doing as I went into the weekend on the back of a 40min Tempo run on the Thursday.

The 5M on Friday was easy enough, but I didn’t feel great on the Saturday half-marathon run. To be fair that was probably due to believing in my own hype a bit too much. With the speeds I have been achieving in other training runs I thought I would try to start at 8:20min/mile and then step it up towards the end if I had anything left. In reality I was consistent just outside 8:20 pace. I was trying to push towards the end but couldn’t go any faster. It wasn’t my heart-rate that was limiting me it was the energy in my legs, or lack of to be precise. I still averaged a decent pace of < 8:30 which will be the aim for the Cayman Marathon.

Sunday was different again, I had though I would try for 9:20 and then get a bit quicker towards the end to try to get within 45 seconds of Saturday’s pace. I also went out about an hour later than I normally do to get the same conditions as I will experience in the marathon here in 3 weeks. I averaged 9:06 in the end which s exactly the same as I did for the same run last year. The difference was this year for nearly half of the miles I was under 9 min/mile pace and most of the other miles where I was slower were due to stopping for some shot bloks and toilet breaks. Whilst I will be doing the same things in the race I made a point of stopping and walking for about a minute or so every 5 miles while I did this, which is slower than I will be doing in the race.

The original idea was to do 23M on Sunday, but by 19M I had had enough. I was more bored than anything and didn’t really feel I would get anything out of pushing myself another 3-4M. In all likelihood I would have gone too far and injured myself, so I put a call in to my rescue team to pick me up at the 20M point and called it a day.

So all in all a pretty good simulation of the weekend. It was only 4M shorter overall, and was in much hotter conditions and I wasn’t rested after a nice taper as I will be come January. Before I can go getting excited about that and planning everything out I now have to turn my sights onto the Cayman Marathon in less than 3 weeks.

Bring on the taper!

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