Training: Looks like I overdid it with the miles

This weeks workouts were:

Monday: 5M Recovery

Tuesday: 6 x hill sprints

Thursday: 30min Tempo

Friday: 6M @ race pace

Saturday: 12M Long Run

After last weeks Dopey Simulation week with lots of miles over the weekend, this week was the first of the 3 taper weeks leading into the Cayman Marathon.

I wasn’t feeling 100% going out on Monday for the 5M recovery, but put it down to the hard weekend. Tuesday’s hill sprints were OK, but on the 2M cool down back to the house I just ran out of steam and walked about half of the way back. My legs had become stiff and I had no energy at all. I decided to take Wednesday off as with the way things had worked out for the coming weekend I was going to have to run Friday and Saturday nights instead of Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Thursday was a 30min tempo run, which was too short to really see if I had recovered. Friday was at Race Pace and I pulled it off without a problem averaging around 8:10. Saturday though was 12M about a minute slower, and although I actually managed 9:15 the reality was I was out on my feet from about 8M. The splits were reasonably consistent, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I can only conclude that with the amount of miles I did last weekend, my body needed a bit longer to recover than I gave it. This is a bit of a worry as normally during tapering I am feeling stronger and stronger, not more and more tired. This coming week is nothing longer than 4M until Sunday’s 8M, then only 3 more light sessions until we get to the first big day!

Hopefully I will recover and my body will repair itself this week to leave me in the best shape I can be in come race day.