Training: Bring on the Taper (Again!)

The hardest week of the “2nd time around” marathon plan is now complete and it is all downhill to Disney. Workouts for the week:

Tuesday: 3M Easy

Wednesday: 6M @ Race Pace

Thursday: 3M Easy

Saturday: 10M 3/1 Run

Sunday: 20M Long Run

This was the only really tough week of the 5 week “sprint” to Disney, and even then it was only the weekend that was tough. The two midweek easy runs were unenventful, and the 6M on Wednesday was only interesting as it was at 5AM on a School day and done in the wind and rain.

The weekend was a 10M 3/1 run where you do three quarters of the run easy and then accelerate for the final quarter. Unfortunately my maths let me down and I did thirds instead of quarters so did 3.5M instead of 2.5M at race pace. It wasn’t all that hard, especially with the weather being even cooler than it was for the marathon 2 weeks ago.

Sunday was another 20M+ effort, but it was pretty relaxed, and I was surprised with the relative ease that I managed to complete it. There was a bit less wind than previous days, but being out before 4AM meant that I was done just after the sun came up before the temperature climbed too far.