Nutrition: Rediscovering “Bad” Carbs

At this festive time of year it is easy to become acquainted with the empty carbs that make up a lot of the traditional holiday fare. Waking up on Boxing Day I had an unfamiliar feeling, my stomach was rumbling and I was rather hungry, this was despite having eaten more food the previous day than I had done all year! I also felt sluggish and tired. I wouldn’t profess to have the healthiest diet (we do go out for burger and chips every Wednesday night!), but I am sensible enough to recognise when my diet has affected me.

Mine Pies and Coffee Mmmm, Mince PiesIt shows just how easy it is to become stuck in the circle of eating those empty calories. Despite eating in the region of 3000 calories one day, I was starving the following morning having derived barely any nutritional value from the previous days gorging. The empty calories leave you feeling hungry, so you eat more of the same c$*p and the cycle continues.

As with most things related to your health, moderation is the answer. It’s fine to have the odd day, like Christmas for example, where calorie counting goes out of the window, but then it is time to get back onto the healthy wagon and fill up with something a bit more nutritious.

Let Christmas be the exception, not the norm.