Training: What was I thinking?

The final week of real training is now done. This weeks workouts:

Monday: 4M

Tuesday: 6M

Wednesday: 4M

Friday: 6M

Saturday: 10M

Everything has been reasonably fast this week. Only one 4M run was close to 9min/mile pace. There also wasn’t really anything to report from any of the runs until the weekend. I had been out for 6M on the Friday night, and had averaged just over 8min/mile pace which was what I had planned. Once last race(ish) pace run before cruising through the last few workouts to the start line.

However, for some reason, and don’t ask me to try and explain why, I set off for the 10M run extremely pumped and just wanting to run hard and fast. I know, I know, these are the urges you have to resist during tapering, but normally I am feeling run down and tired during tapering, so I wasn’t used to it.

I let my legs off the leash so to speak and away I went. What I managed to do was set a 10K PB (47:24), before the wheels came off and I needed to walk at about 8M and then finishing strongly to get the average down to 8min pace again.All I can say is, it was actually a good thing, as for the first 5 miles I was thinking of getting close to Boston Qualifying times when I was putting in the < 7:30 miles. Once the reality of my real fitness level kicked in and I needed a rest and walk a couple of miles later I actual realised that I do need to be sensible on Sunday and not just set off at a pace that I hope I can keep up!

Just 3M and 2M shakedown runs before the start on Friday morning at 6:30 in the Epcot car park for the 5K, but that’s another story.