Goofy 2012: 5K

Whilst not technically part of the Goofy Challenge I still did the 5K at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend as part of the unofficially named “Dopey” Challenge.
Flying finish at the 5K
It was a cold crisp morning as 8,000 of us lined up at the start. I was planning on running with Sarah and her cousin and brother; Kris and Mike. Sarah wanted to break 25 mins in a race (she had already done it in training). After the obligatory waiting around we were loaded up in the first wave to be let off and away we went.
The problem with the 5K is that the course is very narrow at the start, and as with all Disney races people have delusiosn of grandeur, can’t read, or are just not paying attention so there are more than a few people setting off at a relative dawdle. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that people are out there running, doing their thing and hopefully enjoying it, but it makes the race a lot less enjoyable, at least the start, for the rest of us.

We had a slow couple of minutes to begin with and then the course opened out, or rather there was actually some run-off area to allow us to go round people so we tried to move up the field a bit and get back on the right pace. It was during this acceleration we lost Mike and Kris, I think they possibly looked the wrong way and we were gone when they looked back. Anyway, we managed to get the time back we had lost at the start.

There isn’t much else to say, being a 5K it is pretty short. The highlight was probably coming back into World Showcase at about Mile 2 with the sun just starting to light up the sky. The view across the lagoon with all of the buildings silhouetted against the orange and red sky was breathtaking, and if we hadn’t been on such a tight schedule we would have stopped for some photos.

Unfortunately Sarah didn’t quite have it in her legs on the day and we came in at 25:13, desperately close, but no cigar. I was sad for her, but happy with my own run as it was 3 sub 8 min miles and I had some data to look at for my heart rate that would give me an idea of pacing for Sunday.

So a good warm up before the main events.

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