My conversion to a “Running Geek” is complete

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am normally a massive gadget junky. Being a software developer by trade, and having been hacking on computers since I was 11 it has been in my blood for the last quarter of a century.

However, strange things have been happening in the last few months.

Running Geek T-Shirt Running Geek and proud of it.For example, normally when there is a trip off-island coming up I will have a massive long list of gadgets, computers, games etc. that I simply must have! This time though, with the recent trip to the 2012 Disney Marathon Weekend, my list of gadgets was replaced with a list of running shoes, fancy running socks, compression calf sleeves and other running and fitness related items. It has come as quite a shock!

The only “techie” gadgets on the list were power supplies and batteries for existing gadgets!

Other evidence can be seen with what I decided to do about getting a new laptop recently. The “old me” wanted a fancy Ultrabook or MacBook Air for about $1K, but then the running geek took over and I ended up with a $300 Netbook. I tried justifying it by saying that as I was only really needing something to write my blog posts and surf the web on the netbook would be perfect, and it is. The real motivation though, is that it freed up money that could be put towards my increasing selection of running shoes and other running gear that has piqued my interest recently!

I have a list of websites in Google Reader that I visit everyday, and over the last 3 months that list has slowly changed. I am not as interested in the latest tech news and what is going on in the world of technology and programming. I skim over those sites and spend way more time catching up with the rapidly increasing running related sites that have sprung up.

I spend time obsessing over the perfect playlists for different types of workouts I can listen to than the techie podcasts that I used think were essential listening.

My evenings are spent reading Runners World and Running Times instead of the programming books of old.

It is something that has slowly crept up on me, and probably something I was denying was actually happening. In the face of all of this evidence though, it does indeed appear that I have finally become a fully paid up member of the Running Geek club, and I am just fine with that!