Race: 5K Irish Jog 2012

After 6 weeks of not a single step of running, it was time to bust out the Vibram’s for the traditional St Patrick’s Day 5K Irish Jog around one of the golf courses on island. To reflect the current state of my fitness I decided to make it a family affair and took Max along for the ride in his stroller. As you can see from the photo, he was not too taken with the idea, and spent the whole of the first mile screaming for Mummy!.

I am here, but that doesn’t mean I am happy about it!With having to retrieve Max from nursery and get through the traffic for the start, and after trying to get him to calm down a bit we ended up starting pretty much dead last. This wasn’t the end of the world, but it did mean I was stuck having to walk the first half a mile or so. Luckily Max’s screams actually worked out quite well, as people at least heard us coming so could get out of the way!

I had been tracking the run on my phone, but that met with an unfortunate demise just short of the first mile marker. I had finally managed to get a bit of space, Max was not crying and we were going along quite nicely. I hit a speed bump a bit too hard and the phone bounced out of the stroller with the back and battery parting company with the phone, my foot then landed on the back of the phone completely mangling it. There was no chance of it going back together, so we just carried on.

A little way past the mile marker the course turns onto a golf course and the remainder is on single track paths around the course. This made it quite tough to get past people, and we did a fair amount of off roading, almost coming a cropper on some of the berms around the greens where we were close to rolling the stroller.

About mile 2 I realised just how out of shape I was, as I was extremely out of breath, and my upper arms were burning from steering the stroller. Being a jogging stroller, it was meant to be used on nice straight stretches of sidewalk, not wiggly golf paths!

I attempted to put in a big finish, and went past another couple of people pushing their kids before crossing the line in 33:30. Not exactly a great time, but considering we started after everyone else, walked the first half mile and then the phone incident it wasn’t too bad.

The main things I learnt were, make sure your phone is somewhere secure, not just lying loose in the stroller, don’t wear Virbrams on golf tracks as they are not smooth enough and lastly you can’t just stop running for 6 weeks and expect to have any kind of fitness left!

At the end of the day though, it was just a bit of fun for a good cause. Max eventually enjoyed himself when Daddy started popping wheelies, and I learnt there is a lot of work to do to get back into some kind of decent shape.