Hello Nexus 5, Goodbye Android

Nexus 5 orderThe Nexus 5 is here, and I have ordered a new phone, but not the Nexus! Yes, I have just put down the money (a fair bit more than the Nexus for sure) for a Nokia Lumia 1020.

I am off to Windows Phone Land!


A few reasons really. There are 2 main ones:

Firstly, with our sons growing up we decided to get a family domain and try to get everything under one ecosystem so we could share everything, all have similar email addresses and hopefully have a nice tightly integrated experience.

With my wife requiring a Windows tablet for her work (she needs to be able to sign and annotate Office documents all day), and having just left her Blackberry behind for a Lumia 620, which she loves, the logical choice was to go with the Windows setup as it would integrate the best.

Secondly, I could have gone with Google services and set everything up and lived with the shortcomings, but, I didn’t want to. I wanted a change.

This last few months I have become a bit disullioned with Google and the way they are handling Android and in particular the devices. This comes from somebody that has (with the exception of the first 2 Nexus phones) bought all of the Nexus devices, phones and tablets, Google TV, Galaxy Camera, Chromebook and Chromecast.

I have invested a large sum of money and effort in my collection of devices, media and apps that, for the most part I am going to be walking away from.

Why would somebody do that?

As I said I have become a bit fed up with way devices are released, and killed off or just left. The endless leaking of the Nexus 5, 2 full months of images, specs, everything possible, before suddenly it drops, all the build up and hype and then no great release event, it just appears, a bit of a let down. Whatever you think of Apple, they do at least give things the right send off when they are released. The new iPhones and Galaxy Note, plus new Nokia devices all came and were announced in that time, with less leaking and drip feeding everyone. The exact same thing happened with the Moto X, no surprise who owns Motorola these days! It just kind of annoyed me.

Also, the way the Chromecast has been kind of left after the big splash of it being released is annoying. Only Hulu Plus and Pandora have been released for it since it was announced. Not exactly ground breaking. The SDK doesn’t look like it is coming any time soon, if ever. Why would it be released if they are also going to come out with another TV product? If Plex and all the other apps can do their thing on Chromecast, why would people pay the money for what is going to be a more expensive product, to get the same functionality?

Maybe I am nitpicking and I am just looking for a reason to leave and do something new. And, maybe, that is it, I just need to try something else for a bit.

I might invest in the Windows Phone system along with one of the new 8″ Windows 8.1 tablets and realise in a few months that it isn’t really for me. And then when the next round of Nexus products come out I might be really happy to come back.

But having looked at the initial write-ups of the Nexus 5, the same problems look like they will be apparent as were in the Nexus 4. Iffy camera and battery.

Lumia 1020

But why Windows?

I know the Lumia is going to give me amazing pictures, and that is very important. With 2 small children I take a lot of photos and the amount of out of focus or photos with the wrong white balance is high from the Nexus 4. Hence the reason I purchased the Galaxy Camera, which gives great photos, but is laggy and means I need 2 devices on me. I will still use the Galaxy Camera on vacation and at parties etc. but the Lumia is going to be the go to for everything else.

This will actually be my 4th Windows Phone since it was launched. The first two broke, due to my own incompetence and my wife now has the 3rd (Nokia 620) which I bought at the start of the year to just see what the fuss was about with WP8 as it was very cheap.

So I have been partial to it since it came out as I think it is a very pretty OS, and has got a lot of things right that are wrong with iOS and Android (I have also had 2 iPhones in the past, so I have pretty good experience across all of the main mobile OS’s). It still has a way to go, but I like the idea of being involved with the underdog, just like it was when I got my first Android phone and it was running Eclair.

I am not going to lie, I am sitting here with a Nexus 5 in my basket on the Google Play store, thinking maybe I have made a mistake. I think, though, the integrated experience the whole family is going to get from this is going to outweigh any remorse I might have looking at all the Android stuff that will inevitably be happening in the coming months.