Calm Before The Storm

After a ‘bitty’ morning where I managed to achieve a lot of small stuff (chores, selling stuff on eBay, fixing squaky doors, vacation plans) the real work began this afternoon.

In order to get cracking on the demolition of the walls in the utility room the chest freezer needed taking out to its new home in the Steading (we will get a new smaller, under-counter freezer for the essentials). This required both brains and brawn as it was originally put in place before the cabinets and worktops were added.

Moving the freezer

Bunny looks on as we try and figure out how to move the freezer.

After a bit of thinking the food was removed and the freezer was stuck on its end which allowed it to snake out the doorway and across the courtyard.

Freezer moved to the Steading

Freezer in its new home.

With that done it was time to do a little bit of demolition and remove the skirting boards and the door frames. With a couple of pry bars and a rubber mallet this was suprisingly easy. In fact this was all done in less than an hour. If I had started it early this morning instead of going for a run we might well have had both of the walls down already.

Removing the door frame

Removing the door frame and skirtings with a pry bar .

Once the wood was all off I made sure that the exposed nails were bent over or just removed as with two young buys running around I didn’t fancy a trip to the hospital with one of them impaled on a piece of skirting!

Removing the dangerous nails from the wood.

Making sure the nails will not impale a small child.

A quick tidy up later and it was time for a coffee and a snack in the conservatory before going to pick the kids up.

Relaxing with a coffee.

Time for a quick coffee and a snack before the Boys come home from school.

Demo Day tomorrow!