Weekly Update

This whole “blogging everything I do” idea is taking a bit of time getting used to. It is already a week since the last one! I just haven’t found time to write everything up until it has become a huge overwhelming amount! So this will be a brief overview and I will try and be better in the future.

Anyway, back to the demolition in the Utility Room, after the prep work it didn’t take as much effort as we thought it would to get the walls down.

Obviously I started with a quick trip to the store to get the proper protective equipment:

We started with this:

About 10 minutes later:

After 45 total minutes we had:


Unfortunately my phone let me down at this point as I had been trying to take a time lapse video of everything coming down, but the app crashed twice which was not helpful. The whole process was really easy, using the pry bar and a rubber mallet the plasterboard came off. Then using my sparkly new saw I cut out the supports that were exposed and pulled everything out.

Job done.

As it was done so quickly we moved on to taking up the tiled floor which was a lot harder work, but still didn’t take all that long to complete. It did make a big mess though:

And finally after a bit of tidying up:

In the middle of all of this industrious work our new worktops arrived.

This was a bit of a surprise as Worktop Express had told us 3-10 days for delivery, and this actually turned out to be next day!

That was more than enough for one day, and I woke up the next morning exhausted and full of ‘Man Flu‘ so just slept a bunch. We did make it out to look at some new flooring, but couldn’t really decide what we wanted at the time.

Everyone jumped in the car Friday lunchtime and we headed down to Edinburgh for the weekend to see some family members. The kids had a great time as they got their final Christmas presents. We headed back up the road on Sunday afternoon in a bit of a blizzard, but everyone had had a very good time.

The weather at the start of the week was a bit rubbish, but I did manage to sell some more of my old video game console collection. I am using the proceeds to buy power tools for the big jobs we have on the horizon. I raised another £300+ from 3 more systems. The good thing about Video Game Collectors on eBay is they will fight over things and pay silly money for them, they also pay up really quickly so I was able to get everything shipped and sent off within an hour of the sales ending. I was then able to get my table saw ordered, so I am rather excited about that arriving at the end of the week.

We have also, finally, decided on some flooring for the whole of the downstairs of the house, this was after about an hour of deliberating (some might say arguing) in the store, We have been measured up, but there is a 5 week lead time on getting the fitting done, so no pictures until that happens.

I was a bit rubbish with taking pictures of that, and also of the clearing out in the Steading we did today along with the 2 oil drum bonfires. But there is now room in the Steading for the table saw and I am hoping to get a bit more organised with work benches, tool storage over the next couple of days.