More Demolition

It seems the best time for keeping this blog updated is the 20 minutes it takes for the kids to be picked up from nursery, so I am going to make best use of it when I can!

Today was another day of taking things down, otherwise known as Demolition! The subject of today was some rotten stairs out in our Steading:


They are pretty manky.

These lead to an upstairs in half of the Steading, but they are completely rotten, extremely steep and the bottom of them is tight up against the back wall so they are pretty much useless as stairs. We are going to replace them with a proper loft ladder which will go in the neighbouring single garage.

Anyway, as seems to happen with me and demolishing stuff, it didn’t take all that long to take it everything down:


Why is there always mess?

There were a couple of stubborn bits. Mainly the top landing was secured to the wall with joists that went in to the wall. Nice and secure and strong, but a pain in the butt for removing. I ended up having to saw out the two end joists as they wouldn’t come out any other way.

Another occurrence with me and demolition is that something large on a pallet will arrive part of the way through. Today was no exception:


Can't play with it today.

I am looking forward to playing with that in the next few days.

A couple of bonfires later in our Oil Drums and the rotten wood was all gone, leaving a nice large area for me to fill with all the tools that have started arriving:


Just when I thought I was having a good day, in a matter of 30 minutes I had 3 disputes raised for items I had sold on eBay. Two of them might be valid, although one of those is likely user error. The last one though is somebody who has been a problem since 2 minutes after he bought my old phone. He is just wanting a big argument and to get a discount. Once it is resolved I will maybe go in to it more.

I have more important things to worry about than people that are just looking for trouble.

Life’s too short.