I have a tidy workshop

A not too interesting day today. It started quite early with the Electrician arriving at spot on 8AM to start work in the Utility Room. With the walls taken down we needed some switches moved and lights connecting up so they all now worked off of one circuit.

He also moved some sockets around as a new longer worktop will be being installed. We made sure to get sockets with USB ports on them to ensure easy charging of phones and headphones for running without them getting lost in the house somewhere:


USB sockets

Whilst Ross was getting on with that I popped out for the 7M run I bailed on yesterday as I had a bit of a cough. I am certainly not as fit as I used to be, but it doesn’t help that there is literally no flat roads around here which makes things much harder.

By the time I had recovered from the run and motivated myself to go outside it was nearly lunchtime, but I did manage to finish clearing out the other end of the Steading and moving all the remaining stuff that isn’t ours into the Garage for various family members to sort through at a later date:

A messy garage.

A lot of mess, but none of it ours.

With all of that moved the Steading was as clean and tidy as it has ever been, even when we first moved in. So now there is room for the boy’s bikes, although these will get mounted on the wall along with our bikes when the wall hangers get here next week:

A clean steading

The other end is clean now.

I then had a rather scary moment when I was putting some spare lengths of wood up in to the roof section. The floor is so rotten in places due to woodworm that I put my foot completely through it and was lucky to not just fall all the way through! Luckily only a small section went and I escaped unharmed, but my heart was beating I can tell you.

I have ordered up some woodworm spray and all of the flooring will be removed next week and burnt before I spray the joists and all of the roof boards.

After that I decided it was time to do something outside, like build our new saw horse for helping cut logs:

Putting together a saw horse.

Time for some tools.

This is a bit of a fancy one as it has a clamp to attach the Chainsaw to it and then it just pivots and cuts the log and you don’t have to hold the weight of the saw. It makes it much easier and a lot less tiring.

A couple of 17mm and 13mm bolts later and it was done:

Assembled saw horse


However, trying to use it was a problem as the Chainsaw was not exactly working correctly. Never fear, time to use my newly cleaned out workshop:

Disassembled chainsaw

Working on my workbench!

A good clean was not enough to get it cutting well though. The chain seems to be blunt so it is going to get a trip to my Father-in-Laws tomorrow so he can have a look at it and show me the best way to sharpen it. I do have a chain sharpening tool, but a quick tutorial is going to be required first before I can set about the forest of logs I need to chop.

At this point we decided it was time to head inside and have a coffee before the kids came home. I also took the time to write up the previous post in an effort to help out one of the buyers who had raised a problem with the eBay purchase they made.

Weekend tomorrow and final skiing lesson for one of the boys before we head to Austria next weekend!