Removing the rot

Today was another day of mainly demolition, but started with a 5M run and then an attempt to replace the lights in the Utility Room. The new ones were meant to be here when the Electrician was here on Friday but obviously arrived after he had left.

This was a great example of both the old version of me and the new improved version. On the one hand I tried to change one of the lights, got it all installed and then found that the light was on permanently. The wires had been so short some had come out and I must hvae put them back incorrectly. I then looked at the other light and there were 9 wires in there so decided that it would be best to call in the professionals again. So Ross will be back on Thursday to clear up my mess. Know your limits and let the paid professionals do their job.

After some Monday chores (washing, hoovering and washing floors) I made it outside to continue with the renovation of the steading into some usable space. Todays plan was to remove all of the rotten wood that was turning to dust thanks to wood worm.

This was actually a quite tricky job. Having fallen through the floor already, and with many large holes in it I had to be very careful not to get carried away and find myself in a heap with broken bones!

Removed the wall

With the wall down it was time to get on with the floor, but as is now tradition, a delivery was made:

Dewalt jigsaw

Not on a pallet this time though.

As well as the flooring I needed to remove the wooden siding of the room upstairs and then work out how to actually get the floor up. After sawing through the far end of the boards I used a rubber mallet and a crowbar which worked like a charm to get the boards up:

Half the floor has been removed

I got about half of it done before it was time to pack in the for the day and go for a quick tea before the kids came home from nursery.

Then this evening has been spent removing Shoppi and Freedelivery malware from Sarah’s PC. It seems she installed an infected version of Google Chrome by mistake.

Nice to know I can multi task when needed.