A new door + Portek Logmaster is awesome!

It’s only taken 15 years, but we finally have a new door to get into the house! The old one was rotten and didn’t really keep the wind and rain out so it was one of the first things on the list of things to do when we got back.

The old door on the Utility Room

Not much to look at.

We ordered everything in December, but it takes time to get it measured and made at the factory in Ireland and then shipped over. It also takes a surprisingly long time to install. Peter the Joiner was working solidly from 8 until 4, but the result was definitely worth it:

Our new door

Much better

The problem we have now is, it looks so nice the rest of the outside looks decidely shabby.

Whilst that was being installed I set about removing the last of the rotten floor boards in the Steading. It didn’t take too long:

The exposed joists left after removing the rotten boards


But it did make quite a mess:

The mess left after removing the rotten floorboards

Time for a bonfire

We do now have a nice vaulted ceiling in the garage below though:

The ceiling is gone in the garage

Vaulted ceiling

It was then time for Power Tool delivery of the day:

Erbauer router

Another power tool!

Today a new router and orbital sander were delivered for helping fit the new worktops in the kitchen. I just need my worktop router jig and a bit of practice and then I will be ready to go.

With the Steading tidy and all the wood being burnt it was time to use the log saw horse I bought last week but couldn’t use because the chainsaw needed its chain sharpening. Well now it has been sharpened and all I can say is, if you need to chop logs you need a Portek Logmaster. It makes the cutting effortless, it is a bit more expensive than your average saw horse, but it is definitely worth it. This was the pile of logs after about 20 minutes:

A pile of chopped logs

Not bad for 20 mins work.

As it holds the chainsaw for you there is no fatigue and I was cutting up to 4 inch logs without a problem. I was also chopping logs that were about 12-15 feet long just holding them with one hand and chopping with the other.

All in all it is highly recommended.