Birthday and building a tablesaw

Yesterday was my birthday, yay for me!

It was quite a relaxing day, after the kids went to school it was back to bed for a lie in which was a nice change. Then it was time for the ‘work’ for the day: building my table saw.

Table saw still in its box

A whole lotta box

Thanks to the reviews that I read I bought a Scheppach TS30, I have never owned one of these before, but this one seemed to be the right combination of price and ability to do pretty hefty tasks as I have doors to make and whole Steading to convert and rennovate.

There were a lot of bits in the box:

A box full of parts for a tablesaw

A lot of parts!

It took about 2 hours to assemble. It wasn’t all that hard, but I misread the instructions a couple of times putting the legs on so had to take them off. Also the pictures in the manual are not all that clear as they are black and white photos so it isn’t immediately clear what it is talking about. Eventually though it was built and ready to make its first cut:

Tablesaw fully built


It worked perfectly, but then I realised that although I had followed the instructions the dust extractor pipe was on the wrong side so would get in the way of the wood as it was cut. The instructions were wrong, but the picture on the box had it on the correct side so I need to make that change before I use it in anger.

We then went out to look at some worktops for the kitchen and utility room before a spot of lunch at our favourite coffee shop in Inverurie.

After we picked up the kids we went out to my Brother-In-Laws (it is his wedding we are off to in Austria this weekend) for a birthday tea and a cake that Sarah had made:

Birthday cake

Birthday cake, yum!

It was delicious!

Today has been wrestling with Microsoft Office and PGP email encryption on Sarah’s laptop so she can use it when she is away (post is in the works as to how to make it work for Dummies), and the final checking of skiing equipment along with the Garmin Virb cameras we will be using to hopefully get some decent video:

Snowboard and skis still to be packed

This all goes in the bag right?

Final packing tomorrow before a very early night before a very early morning!