Boarding in Kaprun (and a Wedding too!)

We just spent 9 days skiing and boarding in Kaprun, Austria, we were also there for my Brother-In-Laws wedding.

As with all snow holidays to Europe, the trip started in the middle of the night (3:30AM) to get to Aberdeen airport to catch our first flight which was to Frankfurt.

Holy Cow! How can a nation that is renowned for its efficiency and attention to detail let Frankfurt airport happen? You get to bus everywhere, you then have to walk about 2 miles between terminals, followed by security which is another nightmare! Not a great experience, it was so bad I came over all RedFoo:

#letsgetridiculous #selfie #vacation A photo posted by Paul Kelly (@boondockgeek) on Mar 7, 2015 at 1:01am PST

Anyway, after another quick flight we arrived in Salzburg and all jumped on a coach that had been chartered for us:

A bus to take us to Kaprun

A bus to take us to Kaprun

Luckily, for us, we had chosen to stay in apartment a bit away from the main hotel that everyone else was staying in. This meant we had a lot more space as it was 2 bedrooms, and we were also right next door to shops so we could cook for ourselves which, overall, saved us a lot of money and we were all a lot more relaxed than if we had tried to fit in to one hotel room for 9 days!

The first morning we discovered some of the problems with Kaprun, it isn’t actually all that close to anything. Yes, there was a chairlift about 100m from our front door, unfortunately that isn’t where the Ski School was for the kids, that is half a mile in the other direction. It might not sound far, but herding 2 small children while everyone is in skiing gear is hard work. Ski School also starts at 9:30 so once you do drop them off and head off you need another bus to get to do some actual skiing. The best skiing is up on the glacier, and that can take you an hour to get there if you are unlucky with buses. As you then need to do the return journey to pick the kids up at 2:30 you are only getting 2-3 hours of time to hit the slopes. Not the best value for money.

But on the plus side, the kids do look very cute in their skiing outfits:

I think the word you are looking for is #cute #skiing

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Anyway, the first day I spent in a Private Boarding lesson with my instructor Gu. He was just cool as he was called Gu, but also because he had me back on my board after 8 years in no time, and after about an hour I was off down the Super-Pipe and over the Kickers!

By the end of the day I was feeling pretty confident, which normally only happens after half the holiday has gone.

The rest of the week was spent in this cycle, although our youngest, Luke wasn’t enjoying the skiing so much so he switched back to just nursery. He is only just 2.5 and isn’t old enough to go with his brother, but he could see him on the other slopes and wanted to go and play with him and just spent the days miserable.

I had some major problems with my Snowboard Boots, the heat in Cayman did a number on the glue which caused them to start to fall apart:

Seems my boots couldn't stand the pace. #shoppingtime #snowboarding

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This only got worse:

Plastic bags required to keep boots dry today.

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Until eventually they became too dangerous and I had to hire some new ones for the last few days.

The weather was pretty awesome for most of the week:

The hills are alive….. #zellamsee #snowboarding

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Although one day it snowed and there were Whiteout conditions at the top of the mountains:


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The silver lining of that day though was we got to meet up with Max on some of the lower slopes in the afternoon and we played with him. It was a fantastic experience to be skiing with your child. He is not even 5 and just points his ski’s straight down hill and off he goes. In fact I was having to go flat out to catch him up (30mph+!).

Once I have worked my way through the video we took with the Garmin Virb’s I will put together some clips.

Another advantage of the snowy day was the next day was full of off-piste powder runs!

@s2sudz killing it in the #powder #freeride

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We also did our bit for Comic Relief:

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By the end of the week we were ready for the wedding, so time to get the dapper threads on:

Ready for the wedding #smart

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It was great to see everyone travel across for the Wedding, in fact I think Mike and Abi were rather surprised there were nearly 40 of us there:

Wedding Party


We then went off to a Mountain Restaurant for a “light lunch”, but actually turned out to be a full on meal. Very nice, but it was only a couple of hours before we were meant to have the main evening meal!

To work up an appetite some of the wedding party went for a ski in their outfits which was very cool:

Skiing Wedding

Wedding Party off for a ski

All in all everyone had a very good day, and we were all very tired by the end of it.

The final day we got to take Max out as he had completed Ski School and we spent the whole day with him on the slopes. He had no problem in the Super Pipe, Slalom or over the Kickers. He loved all of it.

It was then time to pack everything up and head home. Unfortunately we had late flights so didn’t leave Kaprun on the coach until 3:30pm. We travelled back through Frankfurt which was worse than going out as we had one sick child (Max) and one very sleepy and grumpy child (Luke). With all of the busses and walking we were lucky to make it to our connection.

Despite all of the sick bags we used up and the stress we made it back very late that night:

Tired family at end of tiring journey home. #gladitsover #goodtobehome

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Since getting back we have spent 2 solid days washing all of the clothes, and all the boys of the family have come home with upset stomachs!

I do have some tips and thoughts on Skiing holidays with small children, but as this post is getting on a bit I will save those for another time.