Eclipse, small jobs and Mounting Bike Hangers to the Steading Wall.

Since getting back from vacation, we have just been catching up with some small jobs and not really been up to anything interesting.

It took us at least 3 days to work our way through the mountain of washing that we brought back with us. The whole family was also ill with a stomach virus that came back with us from our travels, so most of last week was a complete write off.

There was a partial eclipse on Friday, but it was rather difficult to get a decent picture of it, as to begin with there were no clouds and it was just too bright and then all of a sudden the black clouds came over and we got a load of rain:

Sun through the clouds

The Best Photo I managed to get.

We spent the rest of Friday helping our friends move house and then the weekend was catching up with friends and family.

This week I am getting back in to training for the Edinburgh Half Marathon which is only a couple of months away. I was hoping to be in decent shape, but I am suffering from a distinct lack of motivation at the moment so we will see what happens.

What we have managed to achieve is moving all of the wood from the 2 wood sheds in to one of the other out buildings we have so we can get some work done in the sheds:

Packed to the rafters with wood

Literally packed to the rafters.

The scary thing is, that is all the wood we already had, before we chopped down all our trees, we have about 5 times that still to be cut up and put away. I think it is fair to say we won’t be needing for firewood any time soon!

Speaking of fires and keeping warm, as it is now Spring, it was time to put the Oil Radiators away that we have been using to keep the bedrooms extra toasty:

It's spring so oil radiators go away for a few months.

It’s spring so oil radiators go away for a few months.

Hopefully it will be a long time until we need them again.

Another job we got done was to put the legs on the cabinets in the utility room and kitchen before the new flooring gets put down next month. This meant I got to use my new toy:

Makita Impact Driver!

Makita Impact Driver!

There were a few issues with getting the legs on one of the cabinets and we had to basically flip it over and put the legs on the other end, which was fine as we needed to swap the door round anyway, so this made it easier. I also got to use the table saw to cut up a piece of MDF to put on the new base of the cabinet to screw the legs in to, this meant I could use bigger screws as they would have just ripped the chipboard base of the cabinet to bits otherwise.

The biggest job I finished was mounting the bikes in the Steading.

Mounting bikes to the wall

Where the bikes need to go.

I got to use lots of tools for this. I had to rip an old plank in two to make some battons for the hangers to go on. Then I got to use my SDS Drill to make the holes for the screws and then the Impact Driver to put the screws in the wall. The battons ended up higher than planned as that was where I managed to find decent stones to drill in to and not just go in to the flaky mortar that wouldn’t hold anything:

Battoning to attach the bike hangers to.

Battoning to attach the bike hangers to.

With the battons on, I just had to screw the hangers on, again though, I used some MDF as a spacer to allow longer screws to be used to hold the hangers up.

The finished job looks pretty neat and frees up a load of space in the other half of the Steading which we can now clear out.

The bikes on the wall

The bikes on the wall

Not quite as interesting as the last post, but wanted to just post something.

There should more interesting stuff coming soon as the last of the worktops arrived for the kitchen and Utility Room, plus the sink and taps are arriving today, and we have scheduled my Father-In-Law to help us with all of that in a couple of weeks.