Learning By Doing

For the last few years (at least 6), I have been in jobs that have effectively neutered my development skills. I have been working in VB6 and VBA for the majority of that time, with only the occasional excursion into technologies that have been created within the last 10 years.

When I do get a chance to work on some Greenfield projects I always struggle. Invariably the timescale between these projects is such that there is usually a new version of Visual Studio, MVC might have moved on a couple of versions and the latest thing is all of these Javascript frameworks that have appeared. The last project I worked on that wasn’t inside Access was an MVC2 application that was basic redirection, not more than about 50 lines of code.

I have kept up the best I can following blogs and even watching videos from the likes of TekPub and Pluralsight. I’ve even been watching all of the Clean Coders series from Uncle Bob. The problem is reading and watching other people code only goes so far, and generally the type of demo applications are not the line of business apps that you might work on in a normal day job. To learn something you need to be doing it, hence, Learning By Doing.

Things are going to be changing in the coming months with a lot more brand new projects to get my teeth into, and also changing how I want to work.

With this in mind I am going to attempt to document some of the things that I am now getting to work on. I want to try and capture all the problems I come across, even just learning how a new tool works. I want to show all the solutions I find to those problems as I can’t believe I am the only person who would find themselves in this situation.

I understand that, at first, this might not look very good and it isn’t going to teach people how to work in a particular language or be about best practices etc. But it might help people that have some of the same kind of issues, the type of things you don’t see in screencasts and typical how-to posts where things can be edited and made to work first time.

Hopefully these posts will be of use to somebody.

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